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the lighthouse

-1. Robert Schilder

Turkeye 6
4508PB Waterlandkerkje
the Netherlands

tel: +31 (0)6 211 38 318

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Circle-24 network of imaging experts

-2. Circle-24

Circle-24 is an international network of artists in the visual media, active in both production and representation. Whereas most of them are working as professional photographers, as a group they cover a wide range of artistic disciplines and topics. read more
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Circle-24, Conradkade 61, 2517BS THE HAGUE, the Netherlands



When you want to purchase goods from our website, get in touch first to see how we can serve you in the best possible way, and please don't forget to include the item-number
(usually located on top of the concerning sales-page)

Banking details:
ABN-Amro, The Netherlands:
R.A. Schilder
account nr.:
Swiftcode: BIC: ABNANL2A;
IBAN: NL28 ABNA 0537 1620 97
Conradkade 61
2517BS The Hague, The Netherlands.

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-4. Workshops & cursussen

In Den Haag, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen en waar u maar wilt (bijv.voor bedrijfsevenementen).

Kijk voor meer informatie over alle cursussen (basis-cursus digitale fotografie, Photoshop / Elements, thema-avonden, ´kijken´-voor scholen, evenementen, en nog veel meer) op:

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